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Welcome to the website of the New Zealand Parole Board.

The Board’s role in the criminal justice system is to reduce the risk to the community from the eventual release of offenders serving over two years, by working with them to reduce the likelihood they will re-offend.

The possibility of early release on parole aims to focus offenders on rehabilitation and better behaviour. Release on parole, with monitoring backed by recall to prison if offenders don't meet their conditions, provides a tangible incentive to not re-offend. The Board meets with offenders from their parole eligibility date and assesses the risk they might pose to the safety of the community, if they are deemed not to create undue risk they have to be released. The Board also sets conditions of release for offenders so their reintegration back in to the community can be effectively managed.

Once conditions are set they are managed by the Community Corrections; Probation and Psychological Service.


New law changes around drug and alcohol testing of parolees came into effect on 17 May 2017.

Released offenders given conditions set by the Board that prohibit consumption of alcohol or drugs, can now be required by Community Corrections (probation) to have testing or continuous monitoring.  Special conditions can now include prohibiting alcohol and drug use those on release conditions at the end of their sentence and for those offenders on extended supervision orders (ESOs).

Decisions of Public Interest

Contact Us

To find out any information about the Board, or communicate with the administrators, please contact:

PO Box 939
Tel: 0800 727 653
Tel: 04-495-8400

For offenders, supporters, victims, researchers or other interested people requesting information

Media Contact

The New Zealand Parole Board is committed to providing media with information on its policies and operations in a timely and transparent manner.

Media wanting information or a decision outcome can contact:

Communications Manager: Tim Graham
04 495 8423 or 021 769 849

Non media should contact Tel: 0800 727 653 or

For media requesting a decision on a particular offender, complete the Request for New Zealand Parole Board Decision form [pdf v5.1;270kb] and email it to