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AMBACH - Ferdinand - 12/12/2015


Parole hearing

Under section 21(1) of the Parole Act 2002


Ferdinand AMBACH

Hearing: 17 December 2015 at [withheld]

Members of the Board: 
      Judge L Bidois (Panel Convenor)
      Mr B McMurray
      Ms L Nathan

Counsel: [withheld]

Support Person: [withheld]

Observer: [withheld]



1. Ferdinand Ambach is for consideration of parole for the first time.  He is serving 12 years with an eight year minimum parole period for manslaughter.  His SED was 18/09/09.  His PED was 10/12/10.  His SRD is 09/12/19.

2. Mr Ambach spent approximately two years on remand, went to trial on murder for killing an old man and was convicted of manslaughter.  Mr Ambach is ashamed of his behaviour and shows genuine remorse. 

3. The causes of his offending were naivety and alcohol abuse. 

4. Mr Ambach is Hungarian and was in New Zealand on a tourist visa. 

5. Mr Ambach has spent eight years in prison.  He has demonstrated extremely good behaviour.  There have been no incidents of violence.  He has undertaken numerous courses including DTU and stayed on as a mentor.  He is awaiting transition to Self Care Unit but has also been served with a deportation order making reintegration unlikely. 

6. Mr Ambach is represented by [withheld] and is supported by [withheld].  Mr Ambach seeks a grant of parole to be deported back to Hungary. 

7. The Board has been impressed with Mr Ambach’s presentation and his exemplary behaviour throughout a long sentence.  He had limited English when he arrived in New Zealand but was able to converse with the Board very well. 

8. His parole assessment report indicates that the report writer was impressed with his mature outlook on life and good insight into his offending.  He has undertaken one on one counselling.

9. Given the progress that Mr Ambach has made, the Board does not consider him an undue risk to the community and parole will be granted.  That will be for the purposes that he be deported to Hungary. 
The Board will release Mr Ambach on 17 February 2016.  The special conditions are:
   (1) To be released on Parole and into the custody of the Immigration Department or the New Zealand Police for immediate deportation from New Zealand.
   (2) Not to return to New Zealand during the term of parole, to 9 December 2019.



Judge L Bidois
Panel Convenor