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GLEN - Fergus John - 25/06/2015


Parole hearing

Under section 21(1) of the Parole Act 2002


Fergus John GLEN

Hearing: 25 June 2015 at (withheld)  Prison

Members of the Board: 
       Hon. M A Frater – Panel Convenor
       Assoc. Professor P Brinded
       Mr B McMurray
       Mr J Thomson

Counsel:  (withheld)

In attendance:  (withheld)


1. We have seen 48 year old Fergus John Glen today in connection with parole. 

2. He is serving a life sentence of imprisonment imposed in November 2003 after he pleaded guilty to murdering his brother on 7 March 2003. 

3. Mr Glen has spent 12 years in custody.  He has no previous convictions. 

4. As he has a RoC*Rol score of 0.21487 the rehabilitative interventions available to him have been limited.  He completed the MIRP in July and he is now continuing individual psychological treatment sessions with (withheld).  These were weekly, but have now gone down to fortnightly. 

5. Mr Glen is not causing any problems in custody.  He has maintained the minimum security classification he has had since October 2012 and has been working as a groundsman, often on his own, at the staff college.  This is a trusted position. 

6. The psychological treatment sessions have been useful.  The aim has been to assist Mr Glen to develop insight into his personality style and identify unhelpful coping strategies.  There has also been a focus on his communication style, which has enabled him to discuss issues and emotions he previously could not.  However, there is obviously still some way to go in this treatment.

7. We talked to Mr Glen today about his index offence and how it came about that he reacted in that way.  He said that, “It annoyed me that it got to that level.  It got out of hand,” but he acknowledged that he killed his brother and was responsible. 

8. Mr Glen’s current release plan is manifestly inadequate.  It is dependent upon (withheld).  He has no other community support as far as we can ascertain.

9. We note that Mr Glen is assessed as posing a low risk of general or further violent offending, although concerns remain that any further offending would be very serious. 

10. This highlights the need for further treatment and for the reintegration to be taken very carefully. 

11. Mr Glen will be seen again in accordance with the statutory cycle.


Hon. M A Frater
Panel Convenor