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MACKRELL - Jason Craig - 23/09/15

Parole hearing

Under section 21(1) of the Parole Act 2002


Jason Craig MACKRELL

Hearing: 23 September 2015
       via AVL from NZPB Head Office, Wellington to   [withheld]

Members of the Board: 
      Hon. MA Frater – Panel Convenor
      Assoc. Prof P Brinded
      Ms K Snook
      Mr J Thomson
      Mr S Perry

In attendance:   [withheld]

Support People:  [withheld]


1. Jason Craig Mackrell, aged 46, is serving a life sentence of imprisonment having been found guilty at trial of the crime of murder.  He was also sentenced to preventive detention on three charges of sexual violation and one of attempted murder. 

2. He has been in prison for 18 years. 

3. He suffers from [withheld].

4. Over the years Mr Mackrell has successfully completed the Adult Sex Offender Treatment and the DTU programmes.  He has also engaged in one to one psychological and psychiatric treatment.

5. He told us that he has been stable for four years now.  [withheld].  He is currently seeing a psychiatrist once a month.  He remains in [withheld] and maintains a minimum security classification.

6. Five weeks ago he started a new and trusted job as a cleaner in the Regional Administration Building.  He goes outside the wire to do so.  [withheld]  We would also support his reengagement in individual treatment with a view to assessment by [withheld].  We agree that this would provide the best and safest route for reintegrating Mr Mackrell into the community. 

7. He is fortunate to have the ongoing support of [withheld] , who were present again today. 

8. Mr Mackrell did not seek parole.  He accepts that he is not ready for it.  However, we commend him on the progress he has made, and support further reintegration, at a pace deemed appropriate by the prison authorities. 

9. Parole is declined today. 

10. Mr Mackrell’s next scheduled hearing will be in September 2016, and by 30 September at the latest. 


Hon. MA Frater
Panel Convenor