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MAHARA - Thompson - 22/10/2015


Parole hearing

Under section 21(1) of the Parole Act 2002


Thompson MAHARA

Hearing: 22 October 2015 - On Papers at Wellington Parole Board Office

Members of the Board: 

      Judge J P Gittos Q.S.O (Panel Convenor)
      Ms F Pimm
      Mr D Hauraki



1. Thompson Mahara is serving a sentence of nine years and six months’ imprisonment imposed upon him for rape and burglary offences with a six months’ cumulative sentence added later for assault with intent to injure on a Prison Officer during the currency of his sentence.  He has a compendious history of previous convictions running to some five pages of notations for burglary, dishonesty, assaults, driving offences and other matters.

2. When he was last before the Parole Board on 6 November he was noted as having been exited from various programmes and showing little motivation towards rehabilitation.  He is, however, now listed to attend the Adult Sex Offender Treatment Programme beginning in February 2016.  In view of his misbehaviour in prison with a series of misconducts and his earlier attitudes towards rehabilitation, it may be optimistic to expect that this intervention will proceed smoothly, but time will tell. 

3. The psychologist’s report to date is not very encouraging.  Overall, Mr Mahara would seem to have quite a lot of ground to cover before he can be realistically considered for parole.  Certainly at this stage as an untreated offender, the risk is undue.  Parole is declined.  We consider that Mr Mahara can suitably be seen again in 18 months’ time, before 30 April 2017.



Judge J P Gittos Q.S.O
Panel Convenor