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MUSSON - Phillip James - 20/8/2015

Parole hearing

Under section 21(1) of the Parole Act 2002

Phillip James MUSSON

Hearing: 20 August 2015 by AVL to [Withheld]

Members of the Board: 
      Alan Ritchie
      Mr J Thomson
      Mr M Christensen

Counsel: [Withheld]
Support Persons: 


1. Phillip James Musson, 46, appeared for the further consideration of parole on his sentence of four years five months and 21 days for the manufacture and distribution of illicit substances, 182 offences against the Medicines Act and forgery relating to those charges.
2. There is no other offending record aside from careless driving in 1984.
3. The prison security classification is minimum, the RoC*RoI 0.11441 and the sentence expiry date is 3 November 2016.
4. The sentencing material noted a previous dependence on morphine and methadone.
5. On 12 November 2014 the Board supported the completion of the DTU.
6. Mr Musson duly completed that programme at [Withheld] in April 2015.  He has commented on his early resistance to the DTU but acknowledges now how wrong he was.
7. On his behalf [Withheld] has pointed to the large amount of work Mr Musson himself has done to work his way through rehabilitative and reintegrative activity in a way which is focused on ensuring a safe transition to the community.
8. Certainly Mr Musson’s written material to us has been well-structured and carefully presented.
9. [Withheld] made particular reference to the reports of Mr Musson’s participation in the DTU which was described by the facilitator as being of a very high standard with a breakthrough on both emotional and intellectual levels.
10. [Withheld] properly focused on the misconduct relating to a cellphone in Mr Musson’s possession.  Mr Musson has explained the circumstances of that and we feel he may be telling us the truth in relation to his having been stood over.
11. Mr Musson has surrounded himself with a large amount of support.  There is palpable support from [Withheld].  There is also support through [Withheld] M?ori Health and Social Services and from other avenues.
12. Mr Musson is an environmental engineer and he feels he will readily achieve self or other employment.
13. Looking at all of the information in front of us, we are satisfied that risk is not undue.  We are directing release on parole.  The release date will be 31 August 2015.  He will be subject to the standard conditions set out in section 14 of the Parole Act and the following special conditions with all conditions continuing until the statutory release date.
(1) To attend an alcohol and drug assessment and thereafter any such treatment/counselling as may be directed by your Probation Officer.
(2) To reside at [Withheld] and not to move from that address without the prior written approval of a Probation Officer.
(3) Not to communicate or associate with your co-offender, Mr Chetan Jethwa, unless you have the prior written consent of your Probation Officer.


Alan Richie
Panel Convenor