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PEIHOPA - Alexander Tokorua - 09/02/2012

Parole hearing
Under section 21(1) of the Parole Act 2002

Alexander Tokorua PEIHOPA


9 February 2012
at  (withheld)  (via video conference link
to New Zealand Parole Board office in Wellington)

Members of the Board:
Judge DJ Carruthers
Judge R Callander
Dr J Skipworth
Mr N Trendle
Ms L Campbell

Ms N Reynolds for Department of Corrections

(name withheld)

(names withheld)


The Board has had a valuable hearing today with Alexander Tokorua Peihopa.  He was accompanied by his counsel, (name withheld).  (names withheld) were also present as was his friend  (name withheld).  (names withheld) have offered their home to Mr Peihopa in the event of him being released.

The Board received very valuable submissions from (name withheld).  We have decided however that the normal reintegration process should continue.  He is currently in Internal Self Care.  He needs to progress to External Care to experience some leaves in the community particularly home leaves to get to know  (withheld) well before ultimate release will be of significance in a positive way.  Basically, we believe further slow and steady advance is the key to his ultimate reintegration.

Mr Peihopa is a minimum security classification.  His psychologist’s report indicates that he is at moderate risk of further serious offending.  He is now eligible for release to work.  Because of the success he has had through CIE Carpentry, he has now gained a number of skills which are evidenced by the report we received from  (withheld), the Construction Manager of  (withheld).  So, he is likely to obtain release to work and certainly has a very good chance of employment upon his ultimate release from prison. 

The Board will see him in August for further consideration of parole.  We request a residential restrictions report at  (withheld) address so that that is a further option for the Board at that time.  Mr Peihopa’s behaviour has been excellent.  He has been compliant, hard-working and well behaved.  There is no history of non-compliance and all augurs well for his future.  We will see him in August.

Last year, the view of the victim was that there was no real evidence of Mr Peihopa having ever exhibited any changes.  We were concerned with her view.  We have focused on that aspect of his development.  We are satisfied that there is now a great deal of evidence that he has made positive changes.  That is evident in the psychologist’s report and also clear from the parole assessment report.

Judge DJ Carruthers
Panel Convenor


•    You may apply for a review of the Board’s decision under section 67(1).  The only grounds under which you may make an application for review are that the Board, in making its decision:

a)    Failed to comply with procedures in the Parole Act 2002; or
b)    Made an error of law; or
c)    Failed to comply with Board policy resulting in unfairness to the offender; or
d)    Based its decision on erroneous or irrelevant information that was material to the decision reached; or
e)    Acted without jurisdiction.

•    To apply for a review you must write to the Board within 28 days of its decision stating which of the above ground(s) you consider to be relevant in your case and giving reasons why you believe that ground(s) applies.
•    Reviews are considered on the papers only.  There is no hearing in respect of your Review Application.