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SHONE - Stephen Michael - 01/10/14

Parole hearing

Under section 21(1) of the Parole Act 2002


Stephen Michael SHONE

Hearing: 1st October 2014 at [redacted]

Members of the Board: 

          Alan Ritchie (Panel Convenor)
          Mr M Christensen
          Ms G Hughes

Counsel: [redacted]


1. Stephen Michael Shone, 36, has appeared for the further consideration of parole on his sentence of seven and a half years for unlawful sexual connection and other sexual offending against young females aged 13 – 15 over a period between 2003 and 2007.
2. There is no other criminal history.
3. The prison security classification is low/medium.  The RoC*RoI is 0.27756 and the sentence expiry date is 10 February 2016.
4. The background to the offending, the rehabilitative treatment (or lack of it) and other aspects of the sentence are fully documented in previous decisions of the Board and in our extensive files.
5. On 7 November 2013 Mr Shone again presented as an untreated sex offender somewhat resistant to addressing his cognitive distortions.  The Board was concerned about a rather confrontational approach and lacked assurance that he could appropriately engage in a SAFE programme in the community.
6. Today that confrontational approach has disappeared.  He remains resistant to the Short Intervention Programme at [redacted] because of an inherent apprehension about his capacity to relate positively to the facilitators.  On the other hand he is highly motivated to embark on individual psychological counselling where he can build an understanding with the psychologist and work on his particular issues.
7. Given the whole background we support that approach as being the most pragmatic and effective available and we hope that it may commence just as soon as possible.  In the meantime risk continues as undue.  Parole is declined.  We will see Mr Shone again within the statutory 12 month cycle.


Alan Ritchie
Panel Convenor