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SHONE - Stephen Michael -10/09/15


Parole hearing

Under section 21(1) of the Parole Act 2002


Stephen Michael SHONE

Hearing: 10 September 2015
         by video link between NZ Parole Board, Wellington and (withheld) Prison

Members of the Board: 
        Mr B McMurray (Acting Panel Convenor)
        Mr A Shaw
        Ms S Driver
        Dr S Davis

Counsel: (withheld)


1. Stephen Michael Shone who is serving a sentence of eight and a half years’ imprisonment appeared before the Board today for a further consideration of parole.  Mr Shone was represented at this hearing by [WITHHELD], his counsel.
2. [WITHHELD] outlined the fact that Mr Shone only had five months of his sentence left to serve, that he was seeking parole today. He noted there was an approved address and Mr Shone had reflected in some considerable depth on his offending.
3. [WITHHELD]  said that the Board could be confident with the special conditions and the release plan that Mr Shone would not reoffend and also that Mr Shone could do the [WITHHELD] programme on release.
4. [WITHHELD] told the Board that Mr Shone had been given the impression he was not a priority for the psychologists for further work. 
5. That is not the view shared by the Board, when we read the parole assessment report written for this hearing.  We are told that Mr Shone has been afforded some priority and will be seen by the psychologist in October 2015 to develop a safety plan.  We think that is important work and needs to be done prior to Mr Shone being released because he has not undertaken any substantial treatment during this sentence. 
6. The report also tells us that Mr Shone has been keeping himself busy in prison doing self-study and during our discussions with Mr Shone today it became obvious that he does now acknowledge that his offending against young victims was both morally and legally wrong.
7. Mr Shone in our view is not ready for release, he needs to do the safety planning with the Psychologist so that his risk of reoffending in a similar way is reduced.
8. He will be seen again in January 2016 for further consideration of parole and/or setting his final release conditions. 
9. Parole is declined.


Bryan McMurray
Acting Panel Convenor