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WILSON, Stewart Murray - 02/10/2014

Parole hearing

Under section 21(1) of the Parole Act 2002


Hearing: 02 October 2014
 At (withheld)

Members of the Board: 
Judge D Saunders – Panel Convenor
Ms R Pritchard
Dr P Taylor

Counsel: (withheld)

Decision of the Board

1. Mr Wilson and his counsel (withheld) met with the Board today for the purposes of considering an application for release on parole.

2. Mr McKenzie took the Board through the background to the recall and the progress that he said had been made since Mr Wilson had returned to custody.

3. We are informed that the defended hearing of the breach is now scheduled for 17 November in the Wanganui District Court.

4. At this stage the Board canvassed with Mr Wilson his response to the psychological treatment and whether or not he considered that he was participating in a meaningful way with the psychologist.  Mr Wilson noted that one of the treating psychologists had been on leave for about five weeks and that he had not had recent contact with him, although he was scheduled to have another appointment today.

5. There is clearly some concerns that have been expressed in the reports about Mr Wilson’s co-operation and in the past reluctance to participate in psychological counselling and the preparation of his safety and release plan.

6. Having heard from Mr Wilson we are satisfied that he is endeavouring to co-operate with the psychologist.  He would like to return to the residence that he had prior to his recall and outlined to the Board the various activities that he had been engaged in without incident prior to his recall.

7. The Board, however, has reached the view that the outcome of the defended hearing should be known to us before any final decision is made concerning release and the conditions that may attach to that.

8. For that reason the Board has determined that it is appropriate to adjourn this hearing until 12 December (withheld) hearing to take place with Mr Wilson, his counsel and the current Board members from (withheld).  (withheld) has confirmed he will be available to represent Mr Wilson on that date and accordingly the matter is now adjourned for final determination in December.

Judge D Saunders
Panel Convenor