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Policies- as at 30 October 2015

These pages outline the policies that guide the Board's activities and considerations. 

Policy 1 – Framework Policy
One of the functions of the Board is to develop policies about how it conducts its business.  The Board’s first policy, the Framework Policy, establishes guidelines for the development of further policies. (View the full policy).

Policy 2 – Oral submissions from Victims
Policy guiding how the Board deals with oral submissions from victims. (View the full policy).

Policy 3 – Attendance at recall, section 107 and ESO hearings
Policy guiding attendance by offenders at recall, section 107 and Extended Supervision Order (conditions) hearings.  (View the full policy)

Policy 4 – Media presence at hearings
Policy on the presence of media at hearings.

Policy 5 – When an offender should be considered for parole if they are recalled to prison
In the absence of any Board decision to the contrary, an offender will be considered for parole by the Board as soon as practicable after three months following their recall to prison. (View the full policy).



Earlier policies 2, 7, 8 and 9 have been revoked as at 30 October 2015