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Extended Supervision Orders (ESOs)

Extended Supervision Order (ESO) – Setting of Special Conditions

Some offenders are subject to a court imposed extended supervision order.  Once an order has been made by the court the Department of Corrections may apply to the Board to impose special conditions on the offender. These special conditions are in addition to the standard conditions of the ESO.  All the special conditions listed can be imposed in much the same way as if the offender were being released on parole.

The standard extended supervision conditions which, in most cases, will already apply to the offender can be found in Part 1A of the Parole Act 2002, or here

The Board may suspend any of the standard extended supervision conditions if they are not compatible with the special conditions that the Board chooses to impose.  Both the offender and their probation officer are able to apply to the Board to have the special conditions of an extended supervision order changed or removed.