Kylee Denise WALLACE - 04/10/2016

Parole Hearing
Under section 21(1) of the Parole Act 2002

Kylee Denise WALLACE

Hearing: 4 October 2016 at [Withheld]

Members of the Board:

  • Judge M Behrens QC – Panel Convenor
  • Ms M More
  • Mr P Elenio


  • [Withheld]

Support Persons:

  • [Withheld]
  • [Withheld]


1. Kylee Wallace is 39.  Her sentence end date is 20 March 2018 and she is serving two years and five months for driving with excess breath alcohol and causing death.

2. She completed the dependency Drug Treatment Unit six-month programme on 15 August 2016 and her report describes a successful participation.  It also refers to the ongoing effort required of Ms Wallace to deal with significant causes of her alcohol abuse and the effect on her of the death she caused.

3. She is receiving [Withheld] counselling.  She has completed the Short Rehabilitation Programme.

4. Her RoC*Rol is 0.2336 and her classification is minimum.  She is employed in the external grounds team and is awaiting approval to undertake Release to Work.  She is living in Self Care.  Her PCO today described her presence in Self Care as nothing but positive for her and the others who live there.

5. She has an approved address [Withheld].  Ms Wallace expressed her genuine sorrow for what had happened.  She has sought restorative justice [withheld].  She intends to quietly resume the effort once she is released.

6. The Board accepts, given the information we have received about her and having heard from her, that if released she will not be an undue risk of re offending between release and sentence end date.  Accordingly, she can be released on 18 October on the usual standard conditions and on the special conditions contained in the parole assessment report as amended by us.  Those conditions will operate until her sentence expiry date:
(1) To attend, participate in and adhere to the rules of a maintenance group as may be directed by a probation officer.
(2) Attend an assessment for the [Withheld]  programme. If assessed as suitable to attend and complete the programme as may be directed by a probation officer. Attend an assessment for substance use.
(3) Attend and complete any treatment/counselling/programme as recommended by the assessment to the satisfaction of your probation officer and treatment provider.
(4) To reside at [Withheld] and not to move from that address without the prior written approval of a probation office.
(5) You are not seek contact or association with the victims of your offending directly or indirectly, unless you have the prior written consent of your probation officer.
(6) Not to possess or consume alcohol or illicit drugs.

Judge M Behrens QC
Panel Convenor