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Q&As about Parole


QUESTIONS and ANSWERS on Parole for the public, offenders, registered victims and supporters.

Information here is presented in more detail in the rest of this site.

For everyone who wants to know more about Parole - including media

Who is eligible for Parole and when?

Who decides that an offender should have a Parole hearing?

What does the Parole Board do?

What is the Board finding out in Parole hearings?

Who is eligible for Parole and when?

Who runs the hearings?

Part 2 - Information for offenders

Do I apply for Parole?

Does Parole eligibility mean release from prison?

Who is on the Board at my hearing?

What does the Board look at to make decisions on whether parole will be granted?

What happens at the hearing?

What questions will be asked and can I ask any?

Can a lawyer or supporters attend my hearing?

Can I get an interpreter at the hearing?

How long will my hearing go for?

What reports will the Board look at to decide parole?

How are conditions for release from prison set?

Part 3 - Information for Registered Victims and other victims

Who can make submissions to the Board on an offender and get decisions?

What is the Victim Register?

What if I need more information?

When do offenders get a parole hearing?

When will I find out the Board’s decision?

Where do I find more information on my rights?

Providing information to the Board (making submissions)

Who can make submissions to the Parole Board?

Does the offender see my written submission?

Talking with the Board (oral submissions)

What happens when I talk to the Board (make an Oral Submission)?

(Will I need to see the offender or go to the prison if I meet the board?)