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Support and Information

If you have questions at any time you can contact the Board - by writing or by telephoning the Board’s administration staff.  All correspondence can be mailed to:

New Zealand Parole Board
PO Box 939
Wellington 6140

If you are writing in response to a letter sent to you by one of the Board's administration staff, please don't forget to include their name on the envelope.

Alternatively, our administration staff can be contacted by phone on 0800 PAROLE (0800 727 653)

If you are the victim of a crime and want to find out if you are eligible to register under the Victim Notification System, contact the Police, they decide who can be registered as a victim.

Victim Support

A Victim Support worker can support you by:

  • helping you prepare your oral or written submission;
  • helping you apply for financial assistance to attend a hearing;
  • attending a hearing with you if you wish;
  • possibly speaking on your behalf to the Board (with the Board's permission).

Contact Victim Support on 0800 VICTIM (0800 842 846) or telephone your local Police station and ask them to transfer you to Victim Support. Further information is also available on the Victim Support website: .

Department of Corrections - Victims' Information Manager

If you are registered on the Victim Notification System and would like to update your address details, or would like to request information about an offender to assist you in preparing a submission to the Board, contact:

The Victim Information Manager
Department of Corrections
PO Box 1206

Telephone: (04) 460 3064

Further information on victim notification is available on the Department of Corrections website.


You can read the legislation under which the New Zealand Parole Board operates. This is the Parole Act 2002.  Information about victims’ rights is also contained in the Victims’ Rights Act 2002.  Information about sentencing is primarily contained in the Sentencing Act 2002, and for some sentences, the Criminal Justice Act 1985.

There should be copies of this legislation in your public library.  The legislation is also available on-line at .

Laying a Complaint

Victims wanting to make a complaint about how they have been dealt with by the Board or to complain about any decision of the Board, can address their complaint in writing to the Chairman at PO Box 939 Wellington or by email to

If a Victim is not satisfied with the response to their complaint they can complain in writing to the Office of the Ombudsman PO Box 10-152 Wellington or if they feel their privacy has been breached to the Privacy Commissioner PO Box 466, Wellington.