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Making submissions

As a Registered Victim you are under no obligation to provide a written submission or meet the Board to make an oral submission. Even if you don't provide input to the hearing process, you will still be advised of the Board's decision. You will be advised of all hearings, if you choose not to make submissions at each hearing earlier ones can be referred to by the Board.

Does the offender see/hear my submission?

Yes, generally the offender will be able to read your submission, or a summary of an oral submission may be read to them at the hearing. However, while your name remains - your contact details are removed. The offender cannot keep a copy of your written submission.

In exceptional circumstances, the Board may order that any information referred to in your submission not be made available to the offender. This will occur when, in the opinion of the panel convenor, the information would prejudice the mental or physical health of the offender, or endanger the safety of any person

Written submissions

When will I know when to send in my submission?

If you are a Registered Victim you will automatically receive a hearing notification inviting you to make a written (or oral) submission.

Can I get information for my submission?

If the offender is eligible for parole or release on conditions, and you are a Registered Victim, you are entitled to ask for:

  • a list of any programmes attended and completed since the sentence began
  • the offender's current prison security clasification
  • any convictions since the beginning of the sentence

If you wish to recieve this information, you must make a request to the victim information manager at

This information is to assist you in preparing a submission and is not to be used for any other purpose. Please note that if the offender is not released you will automatically receive this information before each subsequent hearing.

How should my submission be prepared?

If possible, keep it brief, use one side of the paper only, and type or write clearly. This will help the panel should they need to refer to it during the hearing. Receipt of your submission will be acknowledged.

Can anyone else make a submission for me?

Yes, other people can send written submissions to the Board on your behalf. You will need to tell them when their submission must be received by the Board.

Oral submissions

When will I know about Oral submissions?

If you are a Registered Victim you will automatically receive a hearing notification.

What happens if I want to make an oral submission?

You need to advise the Board's administration that you wish to make an oral submission. An appointment will be made for you to meet the Board.

The meeting will take place at a venue arranged with you. This will not be at a prison and will be scheduled before the offender is seen by the Board. The offender will not be present. Some meetings are through video conferencing, you will be informed of the location of the hearing, and whether it is by video conferencing, in advance.

Is there any financial help available?

Victim Support has limited funding in some cases to assist Registered Victims to attend some victim meetings.  This could include travel, accomodation and special expenses such as child care. You will need to contact your local Victim Support office regarding this as it is not part of the NZ Parole Board.

What other support can I have?

If you are making an oral submission, support people can also accompany you but you must get prior permission from the Board if you would like someone to speak on your behalf. Support people do not have to be family.

If you need an interpreter you may arrange for one to attend. The costs for this are your responsibility.