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5. Policy concerning when an offender should be seen for parole following the making of a final recall order



Section 21(3) provides that the Board must consider the offender for parole within 12 months of the making of a final recall order.


Section 26(2) provides that an offender may, at any time, apply to the Board to exercise its discretion under subsection (1) to consider the offender for parole. 


Policy on reconsideration of parole post recall:      


When a final recall order is made, the Board may:

(1)  Give the offender an indication as to when the offender will next be considered for parole.  Such an indication may be at a date earlier (but not later) than the period of twelve months referred to above.


(2)  State that in its opinion, parole would be unlikely to be considered again within the twelve-month period.

In default of the above the offender will be considered for parole as soon as practicable after three months from the date of the final recall order.




Hon J W Gendall QC


New Zealand Parole Board


Reviewed and confirmed as amended 30 October 2015.