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What is the Victim Notification Register?

  • Victims of certain serious crimes can apply to the Police for inclusion on the victim notification system. This is administered by the Department of Corrections, but the Board is responsible for notifying registered victims of Board hearings and decisions.
  • Under the Victims’ Rights Act 2002, victims of the following offences may apply to be on the victim notification system.
    • sexual violation or other serious assault
    • an offence resulting in serious injury
    • an offence rendering the victim incapable
    • an offence resulting in the death of an immediate family member
    • any offence leading the victim to having ongoing fears for their physical safety or security, or for the physical safety or security of one or more members of their immediate family.

How do victims know there is going to be a hearing?

  • Victims on the victim notification register will be informed of the date of hearings and can make oral or written submissions. This is the responsibility of the Board.

Can victims make submissions to the Board before a hearing?

  • Yes. When registered victims are notified of an upcoming hearing, they will be invited to make a submission. This can be a written submission, or they can request a meeting with the Board members conducting the hearing. See Information for Victims.

Can offenders and victims attend hearings at the same time?

  • This is incredibly rare and will only occur with agreement of the victim, and the approval of the Board.