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Privacy Statement

Each time a visitor comes to the New Zealand Parole Board’s web site, basic technical information, such as the visitor’s domain name, referral data, and browser type is collected.

This information is aggregated (in a way that does not allow for the identification of any individual) with information from other visitors for management reporting and statistical purposes and to assist in the development of the web site.

Visitors can also voluntarily provide personal information through the New Zealand Parole Board’s Contact Us web page.

Any information collected by or submitted to the New Zealand Parole Board will not be disclosed by the Board to any other person in a form that will identify any individual except in the following circumstances:

  • Where you have consented to such disclosure; or
  • Where such disclosure is required or permitted by the Privacy Act 1993 or otherwise required or permitted by law
For more information on privacy, please visit the Privacy Commissioner's website [External].